Idylwood Farm is located in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia.  Beautiful. Quiet. Flat. A great place for older horses to retire. They may not be able to jump, hunt, do dressage, barrel race, show, etc. anymore, due to various reasons.  But they still enjoy life. Your horse will love being at Idylwood. We have been boarding retired horses of all ages, breeds, disciplines since 2003.  We are knowledgeable about older horses, familiar with their specific needs - for feed, for exercise, for attention. Many of our retirees were show horses. Used to being in stalls all day.  Wearing shoes. Limited turn out.  We transition them gradually to live with the 'herd'.  We have 3 giant fields and 3 smaller fields, all rich with grass. Plus several dry lots - because we occasionally get the horses a bit too fat.  We watch your horse and figure out where he would be happiest.  
A glimpse of our machine shed where we store our round bales. These are 'Horse" bales NOT Cattle.  They are made just behind our farm by Rusty's cousin.

View from my kitchen window

The Most Respected Horse Retirement Boarding Farm on the east coast

Idylwood Farm

​Horse Retirement Boarding

We feed Purina Senior. I believe it is one of the best feeds available.  We have a strong relationship with our Purina representative, Lauren Stockwell. We use good quality hay, grown in the area.  Horses have access to hay, automatic waterers, mineral salt, shade, run-in sheds,(most with fans running in the summertime,)  are in every field 24/7.  EVERY horse is brought in twice a day to be fed. Thus we actually SEE your horse twice a day.  Each horse has his own feed pen, so he can eat in peace, and you know he is getting the proper amount of feed and HIS supplements.  We use MSM.  But you are welcome to provide your own supplements or use Smart Pak. 

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              ​Rusty & Lori Russell    

Rusty's contact info -  cell:  540-409-7957

 Lori's contact info -   cell:  540-533-8535